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This song absolutely saved the end of my day. Do yourself a favor and hit play.

David Peel (born David Michael Rosario) is a New York-based musician who first recorded in the late 1960s with Harold Black, Billy Joe White, and Larry Adam performing as David Peel and The Lower East Side Band. His raw, acoustic “street rock” with lyrics about marijuana and “bad cops” appealed mostly to hippies.”

Lol, wikipedia.

For #FirstTweets, I went way, way back to the first-ever Twitter soap opera, Uncharted


Last month I sat down for a long overdue lunch with jaybushman during which I learned I may have been a little too quiet (STOP LAUGHING) about something cool I did, long ago in the pre-Ice Age of the internet.

Jay and I were catching up and talking about Hashtag Hamlet, the cool new…

it was because of Shana and Uncharted that I joined Twitter in April of 2007

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